Departmental Bulletin Paper コリアンエスニック教会と米国の韓国系移民者
The Korean ethnic church and Korean Immigrants to the United States

春木, 育美

In the United States, Korean immigrants enthusiastically dedicate and commit themselves to the activities of the Korean ethnic church. The role of the church as a central part of the Korean community has been important since they started to immigrate to the States in the late 1960s.They go to church not only for religious purposes but also for seeking the unity to accommodate themselves to American life and secure social resources.The majority of Korean immigrants to the States are Christians and depend deeply on the ethnic church since it provides them with a wide range of services and social resources and serves a variety of social functions, which other Korean organizations in the States cannot. These functions and the characteristics of Korean immigrants are inseparable, which, in turn, enable the church to function.However, the second-generation immigrants, who are born in the States, speak English as a native language and receive American higher education, find less need for the church to provide them with such functions as mentioned above.The future and transformation of the Korean ethnic church is noteworthy as the second-generation immigrants will have children, and the number of the second and third generations of immigrants will eventually exceed that of the first.

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