Departmental Bulletin Paper 探る人/小さなモニターを用いた映像インスタレーション

志茂, 浩和  ,  Hiroyasu, SHIMO

2017-11-25 , 神戸芸術工科大学
 Installation artwork involving video images have a tendency to use large or large scale screens. The author, too, has long pursued displaying his original 3DCG characters at the actual size he envisioned the character to be. This was an effort to set his artwork free from the conventional framework of imaging which tends to be limited by the standards of the reproduction system, and has accomplished a certain level of success in this direction. Naturally, such artwork require large scale screens and reproduction systems and the environment needs to be set up for the reproduction as well. Thus, exhibition opportunities are extremely limited, which is a disadvantage. At the same time, digital signages have become a norm in the streets, especially in train stations. Even if they are creatively used, there is no freshness in artwork using these screens which were once perceived as high definition but now feels rather coarse. For these reasons, the author decided to change his approach to utilize small-sized monitors which now have high definition with the evolution of smartphones and tablet PCs. This comes from hints learned through participating in two unsuccessful competitions; powerful artwork capable of leaving a strong impression to the audience can be created using small sized screens if the reproduction device is creatively designed and displayed. This paper will elaborate on how this idea started through its production process as well as on the author’s future artwork plan.

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