Departmental Bulletin Paper ブックデザインにおけるプリプレスからポストプレスまでの再考と実践

萩原, 小麻紀  ,  尹, 智博  ,  崔, 琴美  ,  Komaki, HAGIWARA  ,  Jibak, YOON  ,  Kummi , CHOI

2017-11-25 , 神戸芸術工科大学
 本研究はコンピュータのみで完結するデザインプロセスを見直し、現在のさまざまなデジタル技術と、人の手作業の関係性を探ることで、ブックデザインの新たな魅力に迫ることを目指した。素材としての紙の考察や、文字や図版などの要素がページに定着される印刷の手法、そしてそれらを束ねる造本に至るまで、ひとつひとつを思考し実践した。 2015年に東京で開催された、壺井栄の作品を題材としたブックデザインの企画展に参加したことを契機に、本の制作だけでなく、文学と人を地域で繋ぐことを考え始めた。2016年には小豆島でも、内容を更新した展示を実施。観光客だけでなく、壺井作品を読んだことがない地元の若者にも、本研究の成果物を通して、作家や作品の魅力に触れてもらい、小豆島を描いた文学作品を、後世に繋げていく機会を設けた。 東京・小豆島での展示を経て、2017年には神戸で展示を開催。これまでに出展者が取り組んだ「今つくる、本の形」を振り返り、その制作プロセスなどを公開した。さまざまなデザインの試行を見てもらうと同時に、地域編集の実践に触れてもらうことを目指した。さらに会期中には神戸の古書店5店舗に協力を依頼し、展示会場と書店を回遊してもらうことで、神戸の街と人と本を結ぶ企画に取り組んだ。
We reviewed and considered the design process which is completed only with computers. Also we searched the relation between the variety of digital techniques and manual operations in this research. We aimed for discovering the attractivenesses of book designing. As examples of our considerations, an observation of papers which are handled for the materials of book design, printing methods especially for lettering and illustrating, also bookbinding to bundle the books. We discussed and practised each their works minutely. We joined the book design exhibition, which was themed on literary work of Sakae Tsuboi (1899-1967) who was a Japanese novelist and born in Shodoshima-island in Kagawa Prefecture, in Tokyo in 2015. After the participation, we have begun to try thinking not only book designing but also we have made to deepen the bonds between literature and people locally. In 2016, also we have given an upgraded exhibition in Shodoshima-island, of the same subject as in Tokyo. After exhibitions in Tokyo and Shodoshima, also we held an exhibition in Kobe. We were looking back our artistic work which is named “The footprint of book designing, and now here we are standing” and we presented the creative processes to the public. Several types of our challenge for the community-based work were open for visitors. The aiming was to get close the distance between editing, book designing and people specifically for indigenous. In addition, we requested a collaboration for 5 long-established bookstores based in Kobe and consequently, our guests were pleased not only the exhibition but also good-old bookstores. We were able to make a positive connection with Kobe, books and local people as a result of our exhibition and work.

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