Departmental Bulletin Paper GIMON/コンテンツ編

志茂, 浩和  ,  金子, 照之  ,  スモラフスキ, ピョトル  ,  Hiroyasu, SHIMO  ,  Teruyuki, KANEKO  ,  Piotr, SMORAWSKI

2016-11-28 , 神戸芸術工科大学
This study will elaborate on the production scheme and how the artistic presentation was derived for “GIMON”, a video installation work exhibited at the Kobe Biennale 2015 Japanese Guest Artist Exhibition by the request of the Organizing Committee for KOBE Biennale. The concept was shaped by taking into consideration the fact that the invitation was based on a specific prize-winning work exhibited at the Kobe Biennale 2007 and blending this with the author’s current research theme. Rimpa and other classical Japanese arts continue to present unique beauty that remain an appreciable value to date in the modern world. The author seeks the origin of the beauty in the “spirit of coexistence”. If this assumption is correct, regardless of media or technique of the artistic presentation, an artwork should be able to inherit the tradition of Japanese arts. When looking at the turmoil now engulfing the world, the spirit of coexistence long cherished by the Japanese seems to be a viable clue to finding a way out. If the spirit unique to Japanese culture can be inherited while replacing the techniques involved to modern techniques, the existence of a universal framework that can be applied regardless of time and place will be proved.

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