Departmental Bulletin Paper 筋肉の負担・疲労の新しい評価方法に基づいた機械・道具のデザイン

古賀 , 俊策  ,  大田 , 尚作  ,  相良 , 二郎  ,  大内 , 克哉  ,  Shunsaku, KOGA  ,  Syosaku, OTA  ,  Jiro, SAGARA  ,  Katsuya, OUCHI

2016-11-25 , 神戸芸術工科大学
Objective evaluation of machine- and tools design is crucial to reduce muscular loads and fatigue. In the present study, as an ergonomic testing method, measurement system for oxygen dynamics of active muscle tissues was developed to design comfortable products for human use. Development and universal design activities for machine- and tools have been promoted to minimize the muscular loads and fatigue during care operation work for aged- and handicapped people. However, there exists a lack of objective evaluation on assisted gear for care operation work. Using near infra-red spectroscopy measurement for oxygen dynamics of active muscle tissues, the physiological strain of assisted gear were evaluated. In particular, both the superficial- and deep region muscles oxygen dynamics were measured continuously. As a result, there are no significant difference of whole-body oxygen uptake and heart rate between the conditions of wearing the gear and the control. However, the assisted gear reduced deoxygenation of muscle of erector spinae of the back. To minimize the muscular stressand increase the power of the upper extremities, attachment of rubber band on them are recommended.

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