Departmental Bulletin Paper 坂出市の地域資源と地域課題に関する調査分析 に関する調査分析

川北, 健雄  ,  長濱, 伸貴  ,  宮本, 万理子  ,  中村, 卓  ,  Takeo, KAWAKITA  ,  Nobutaka, NAGAHAMA  ,  Mariko, MIYAMOTO  ,  Suguru, NAKAMURA

2016-11-25 , 神戸芸術工科大学
In the preliminary research of last year, basic characteristics of four geographically defined zones in Sakaide city were investigated through field surveys. Following the result of the research, particular issues in each zone are further investigated this year.1) Islands Zone- Identification of distinctive features of Hitsuishi Island and Iwakuro Island, which were not surveyed last year.2) Waterfront Zone- Identification of distinctive landscape elements (buildings, greens, etc.) around Nishi-unga, which is the nearest harbor to the city center.3) Central Zone- Investigation of the remaining stone walls at the old shoreline before the salt farm development in 1820s.- Situation of the shops at the central shopping streets.- Distribution of the vacant lots in the central area.- Disposition of new buildings in the central area.4) Farmlands and Mountains Zone- General conditions of the farmlands.- Identification of the features of Ogoshi village.

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