Departmental Bulletin Paper 技術の人間化に基づいたサスティナブルデザイン/医とデザインの活動をとおして

大田 , 尚作  ,  古賀 , 俊策  ,  相良 , 二郎  ,  見明 , 暢  ,  見寺 , 貞子  ,  友定 , 聖雄  ,  小玉, 祐一郎  ,  Syosaku, OTA  ,  Shunsaku, KOGA  ,  Jiro, SAGARA  ,  Nobu, MIAKE  ,  Sadako, MITERA  ,  Masao, TOMOSADA  ,  Yuichiro, KODAMA

2015-11-25 , 神戸芸術工科大学
Annual activities of Research Institute of Arts and Design (RIAD) for 2014 are as follows:1. As a collaborative study between medicine and design, we developed sterilization apparatus for shoes. In particular, RIAD and Medical Innovation Kobe Community System (MIKCS) progressed efficiently design of the mechanism, chassis, and assembly. We presented the outcome of these activities at MIKCS establishment meeting for general incorporated association, and further conducted press release of the information at Kobe Portopia Hotel.2. Kobe Design University started research activities regarding images, space, and product in medical field and organized a research seminar inviting experts of medical area, architect, and product manufacturer.

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