Departmental Bulletin Paper パソコンによるコラージュ遊び“パソコン・コラージュプレイ”Ⅳ

津田, 徹  ,  見寺 , 貞子  ,  大内 , 克哉  ,  南部 , 眞理子  ,  梅林, 厚子  ,  船曳 , 倍子  ,  Toru, TSUDA  ,  Sadako, MITERA  ,  Katsuya, OUCHI  ,  Mariko, NAMBU  ,  Atsuko, UMEBAYASHI  ,  Masuko, FUNABIKI

2015-11-25 , 神戸芸術工科大学
Children today experience and enjoy computers from an early stage in their lives. However, it is generally difficult to expect that children's emotional abilities could flourish through computers. We have developed our study, titled as `”Collage-play with personal Computers” in recent four years. It is to construct a specific structure in personal computers (PC) such that it could reflect and observe children's emotions objectively through their PC play. Our study is in fact supported by reliable examples of various aspects in our society, such as children, students, handicapped and or elderly people. More concretely, our software enables supporters to observe and feel emotions of children exactly through their PC play. It exposes -via our ``layer studies"- the dynamics of children's emotion in time. We have also examined the consistency of the children's collage works, based on evaluation experiments of the original space symbolic model. These children's emotional datum obtained through our software are shared among our supporters and related teachers for deeper understandings for these children.

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