Departmental Bulletin Paper 17世紀の讃岐国善通寺における西院伽藍の変遷について

山之内, 誠  ,  Makoto, YAMANOUCHI

2015-11-25 , 神戸芸術工科大学
The main purpose of this research is clarifying the developing process of the architectural composition in Saiin(西院) area of Zentsuji-temple in the 17th century. Through the analysis of ‘Zentsuji-Saiin-no-Zu(善通寺西院之図)’ described in 1634, I’ve got the following results;1. Zentsuji-Saiin-no-Zu shows both of the past and the future architectural contribution by Ikoma Family(生駒氏) for Zentsuji, in order to express their faith for Kobo-Daishi(弘法大師) and Zentsuji-temple.2. The construction of Shin-Miedo(新御影堂) was almost finished when it was described in Zentsuji-Saiin-no-Zu. And it was different architecture with the Miedo which was built in Enpo-period(延宝年間,1673-81).3. In the 17th century, Miedo was reconstructed twice as a bigger hall than itself before, and finally became a complex hall composed of Okuden(奥殿) and Raido(礼堂).4. The relocation of Gomado(護摩堂) planned in Zentsuji-Saiin-no-Zu was carried out in Jokyo-period(貞享年間,1684-88), and after that, Kyakuden(客殿) was also relocated before 1691.

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