Departmental Bulletin Paper M-Reader in the Center for English as a LinguaFranca

Ishimaki, Kensaku  ,  Milliner, Brett

3pp.87 - 92 , 2017-04-01
M-reader ( is a free internet site which is helping Center forEnglish as a Lingua Franca (CELF) teachers to manage extensive reading (ER)more effectively in their courses. In short, teachers are using this system to verifywhether students have read and understood a graded reader book or not. This isachieved by students taking online quizzes designed to test their understanding of abook’s plot and characters, rather than how well they remember the book. Throughthe M-Reader system, teachers and students can easily track the number of booksand the number of words read. In this paper, the authors briefly introduce M-reader,and report on students’ and teachers’ utilisation of the program in their ELF classes.The authors hope that this article can be a reference for English language teachersand program administrators who are interested in using M-reader as well as providean insight into how teachers are incorporating extensive reading into their ELFsyllabus.

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