Departmental Bulletin Paper Computer-assisted Language Tests for the EnglishClassroom: Blackboard® Tests and Google Forms
英語教育現場におけるコンピュータ支援テスト:Blackboard? テストツールとGoogleフォームの活用法

Milliner, Brett  ,  Barr, Blair

3pp.67 - 79 , 2017-04-01
Computer-assisted language testing (CALT) offers language teachers the opportunityto transform the work they do in the language classroom. Apart from saving teacherstime to mark and manage the grading process, the immediate feedback providedto students can have a powerful impact on their learning. In a review of Centerfor English as a Lingua Franca (CELF) teachers’ use of the Blackboard® contentmanagement system (CMS), however, Milliner & Cote (2016) identified that veryfew CELF teachers are making use of CALT. This article attempts to make a case forCALT and introduces two formats that teachers can adopt: (1) the Blackboard® CMS,and (2) Google Forms and Google Sheets with some helpful add-on applications.

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