Departmental Bulletin Paper A Brief Catalogue and Review of Key OnlineVideo Resources and Platforms

Saunders, Thomas C.

3pp.27 - 37 , 2017-04-01
Today, there are countless online tools to improve English proficiency and fluency.The proliferation of these resources has grown exponentially in the last 25 years orso and they have undoubtedly become leading instruments in current ELT practice.However, this tremendous expansion has also led to difficulty in discerning whichtools may best serve ELT goals. This article will attempt to catalogue and evaluatethe utility, of a small handful of sites that include: YouTube; TED and TED-Ed;BBC Learning English; CNN Student News; Netflix and Hulu; English Centraland Speechyard; and VoiceTube. While this is not an exhaustive list of online videoplatforms, these sites are key players in relation to ELT and were therefore chosenfor this report. A review and critique of these sites is provided based on their value inregards to two specific study methods: Extensive Watching (EW) and a more focusedand blended watch-study-watch-repeat method. Furthermore, considerations aremade about how these resources can benefit ELF classrooms and how well they fulfillthe tenets of good ELF practices.

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