Departmental Bulletin Paper Pedagogical Concerns and Approaches to EAPWriting Instruction within an ELF Program

Robertson, Charles E.

3pp.21 - 26 , 2017-04-01
English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) research lends itself well within the domain ofspoken English where speakers actively negotiate meaning within shared contexts. Inan ELF circumstance, speakers are not bound by native speaker (NS) norms; rather,their “success” can be measured by their ability to communicate functionally. Yet,what are the implications for writing instruction within an ELF program? And morespecifically, how should college-level ELF instructors address the issue of English forAcademic Purposes (EAP) writing since, broadly speaking, EAP assumes that Non-Native Speakers (NNS) should conform to native forms of language use. The authorsuggests several pedagogical approaches meant to assist L2 writing practitionersworking within existing ELF programs. In particular, the author explores how sometenets of ELF can be incorporated into a multiple-draft, process approach writingclassroom.

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