Departmental Bulletin Paper Classroom-based Speaking and ListeningLearning Strategies: Japanese LearnerPreferences

Leichsenring, Andrew

3pp.11 - 20 , 2017-04-01
Learner perceptions and experiences can aid in the conceptualization of how andwhy learners use and prefer particular language learning strategies and languageuse when developing language skills. This pilot study explored the opinions andexperiences of twenty-five Japanese university students on factors that improvedtheir speaking and listening skills through their reflections on three years of studyin an English language program. The learners indicated that opportunities to speakEnglish in class, a variety of activities and the socializing effect of speaking to othersin class were significant factors that helped to improve their speaking skills. Listeningskill improvements were perceived by the learners to result mainly from listeningto Teacher Talk studying for the Test of English for International Communication(TOEIC) in class and listening to other learners speak English in class. Findingsfrom this research indicate that learner perceptions on language skill developmentcan be a valuable resource that teachers can utilize when they are designing andimplementing speaking and listening activities.

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