Departmental Bulletin Paper Developing fluency in circumlocution

Worden, Daniel

2 ( 1 )  , pp.26 - 35 , 2016-04-01
Circumlocution is an essential strategy for developing and aiding oral communication. This paper aims to provide guidance on the benefits and pedagogy of circumlocution as well as to present some materials designed to build fluency in circumlocution. The concept of circumlocution will be explained and its role in developing communication ability and fostering second language acquisition will be explored. Following this, the issue of fluency will be discussed with an emphasis on how it relates to functional communication and circumlocution. The importance of circumlocution training in ELF-aware teaching contexts will then be argued for. In the final section of the paper, methods for teaching circumlocution will be introduced along with activities that can be used to develop fluency in this very important communication strategy.

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