Departmental Bulletin Paper 微分方程式を用いた神経情報処理への数理的アプローチ
Mathematical approach for neural information processing using differential equations

舟崎, 寛人  ,  佐々木, 寛  ,  相原, 威

2015 ( 50 )  , pp.25 - 31 , 2015-03-31
Hippocampus is essential for memory formation. The dentate gyrus is the gate for information inputs to the hippocampus. The granule cells in dentate gyrus are principal excitatory neuron. Non-spatial information and spatial information are independently transported to separated sites, the distal dendrite and the medial dendrite of granule cells, respectively. In this study, model simulation of a hippocampal granule cell were performed by a simulator NEURON in which he model used in the simulation is reproduced by the characteristics for the frequency response of the granule cells. The point of my study is to elucidate the interaction of two inputs of non-spatial information and spatial information for the granule cells. As the result, the temporal sensitivity for spatial information was facilitated and stood out by non-spatial information.

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