Departmental Bulletin Paper A Teacher’s Exploratory Inquiry of Language Awareness: Language Learner Perceptions from Oral Presentations

Leichsenring, Andrew

1 ( 1 )  , pp.41 - 53 , 2015-04-01
This paper presents a teacher-led inquiry into learner language awareness and learner perceptions of: oral presentations using first language (L1) support when using a second language (L2); and L2 learner and user identity. The quantitative-based results of this preliminary inquiry represent a source of understanding for the researcher, who later, intends to undertake a qualitative-based study of learner oriented language awareness and speaking assessment. A questionnaire was distributed to 144 Japanese first and second year tertiary students who completed a semester course in general and academic English. A cross-sectional analysis was applied to the questionnaire results which aimed to gather student perceptions of the use of and identity with a L2, that is, English. Key findings from the exploration of learner perceptions in this research included the acceptance of spoken errors when giving oral presentations and a sense of ownership of English among the participants. This research presents learner perceptions that may prompt teachers to consider conducting language awareness research with their students with the aim of reflecting upon the modification of traditional speaking assessment practices.

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