Departmental Bulletin Paper ゴール型ボールゲームの戦術行動モデルの構築と評価―Jリーグにおけるゲーム分析を事例として―

大森, 隆司  ,  山田, 信幸  ,  国見, 保夫  ,  菅野, 直敏

  In a soccor game, a player keeping a ball decides a pass course that can reach a same team player depending his/her intuition. But the ball passing is a physical phenomenon and it should be explained more rationally. But an algorithm for the pass course decision is not known in a computational sense. So, in this study, we examined a superior domain model as a player reachable area based on a real game data, and proposed an extension of the model to explain actual player behavior. As the proposed model quantitatively evaluates a defense crack and/or a possible pass and running in of an offence player,we may be able to estimate a tactile player action by rational criterion.

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