Departmental Bulletin Paper Associations of family histories of diabetes mellitus and hypertension with the occurrence of gestational diabetes mellitus, gestational hyper tension, and preeclampsia:multivariate analysis.

Shiho , Nagayama  ,  Kayo , Takahashi  ,  Akihide , Ohkuchi  ,  Chikako , Hirashima  ,  Miyuki , Arai  ,  Hirotada , Suzuki  ,  Shigeki , Matsubara

Objective: We herein determined whether family histories of hypertension (HT) and diabetes mellitus(DM) were independent risk factors for gestational hypertension (GH), preeclampsia (PE) andgestational diabetes mellitus( GDM).Methods:A prospective cohort study was conducted using 1,737 pregnant women. We evaluated fivefactors:a family history of HT (father, mother, or both), a family history of DM, age ≥40 years old,obesity, and high blood pressure (mean blood pressure level ≥90 mmHg at 16-19 gestational weeks),and three outcomes:GH, PE, and GDM. Univariate and multivariate logistic regression analyses wereperformed.Results:High blood pressure was an independent risk factor for the occurrence of PE (OR [95% CI]:4.6[ 2.3-9.2]), pre-pregnancy obesity was an independent risk factor for the occurrence of GH( 4.4[ 1.3-15]), whereas a family history of HT or DM was not an independent risk factor for either PE or GH .Independent risk factors for the occurrence of GDM were a family history of DM( 5.5[ 3.3-9.1]), age ≥40years old( 2.2[ 1.1-4.1]), and pre-pregnancy obesity( 4.2[ 2.5-6.9]).Conclusions:After adjusting for other factors, a family history of DM was not associated with theoccurrence of either PE or GH. In addition, a family history of HT was not an independent risk factor forGDM.

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