Departmental Bulletin Paper 大動脈炎症候群に合併したクローン病の1例

鷺原, 規喜  ,  井上, 依里  ,  矢部 , 寛樹  ,  賀嶋, ひとみ  ,  小糸, 雄大  ,  石井, 剛弘  ,  坪井, 瑠美子  ,  田村, 洋行  ,  上原, 健志  ,  大竹, はるか  ,  池田, 正俊  ,  新藤, 雄司  ,  川村, 晴水  ,  西川, 剛司  ,  大滝, 雄造  ,  浦吉, 俊輔  ,  山中, 健一  ,  牛丸, 信也  ,  浅野, 岳晴  ,  岩城, 孝明  ,  松本, 吏弘  ,  浅部, 伸一  ,  宮谷, 博幸  ,  田中, 裕一  ,  野首, 光弘  ,  眞嶋, 浩聡

The case involved a 31-year-old woman. She was hospitalized at our medical center after hemorrhagic stools were observed during treatment for aortitis syndrome. A longitudinal ulcer was observed in the terminal ileum on lower gastrointestinal endoscopy, leading to a diagnosis of small intestinal Crohn’s disease. In addition to nutritional care and administration of internal mesalazine, the biological product adalimumab was administered as remission-induction therapy. Upon achieving remission, dosages of prednisolone and methotrexate were reduced and neither disease has recurred or progressed. The occurrence of complications associated with these diseases is rare, with only 19 cases reported in Japan and a total of 55 cases reported worldwide. No patterns have been observed in the pathogenic mechanism. We report herein on the valuable experience gained from treating this case along with consideration of the literature.

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