Departmental Bulletin Paper Suggestions for the Teaching of Writing: From Students’ Reflective Narratives of English Writing

Fujieda, Yutaka

(17)  , pp.25 - 37 , 2017-03-31 , 共愛学園前橋国際大学
Narratives have emerged in the area of second language (L2) writing and have played a key role as a proper research method. Reflective narratives have identified significant benefits by analyzing the writer’s experiences and insider perspectives in depth. Furthermore, stories shared by writers have validity in enriching their understanding further about personal realities and unraveling interpretive accounts with a critical eye. However, few studies demonstrate the findings of writing problems that students encounter and offer suggestions for teaching writing based on students’ experiences and practices of writing in English utilizing their detailed reflective narratives, especially in EFL contexts. This study focuses mainly on broadening possibilities for writing approaches suitable for teaching contexts as teacher development. The data analysis employed the categorization of 15 Japanese EFL undergraduates’ reflective narratives in three phases: the careful reading of all sentences in their reflective accounts of writing in English, the development of a temporary coding system, and the evaluation of the reliability of the coding system. The research findings show that the participants referred to the further importance of written structures (e.g., topic sentences and thesis statements), reader awareness for English writing at the university level, and joint work in the writing classroom. Suggestions for teaching writing are discussed in conforming to the findings of the students’ reflective narratives.

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