Departmental Bulletin Paper There are No Mistakes on the Bandstand (or in the Classroom)
ジャズバンドの即興演奏に“間違い”という文字はない (あるいは教室で)


(15)  , pp.85 - 114 , 2015-03-31 , 共愛学園前橋国際大学
“There are no mistakes on the bandstand” is the title of a music performance and talk by jazz vibraphonist Stefon Harris (2011), on the website ‘’ The emphasis of his theme is the fact that mistakes are not necessarily mistakes, exemplified in his world of jazz performance and improvisation, and that what one may consider a mistake may actually be a new opportunity. As Harris states in his performance, “I have no idea what we’re going to play. I won’t be able to tell you what it is until it happens,” summarizing what every foreign language speaker expects and what every native speaker often forgets.As such, teaching and learning expectations are often mismatched between structured classroom learning tasks and real world experiences. Just as Harris points out, we have no idea what we are actually going to say until it, a dialogue, takes place. But, just like a jazz musician, we need to be confident enough in improvising to continue the music, or in this case, language communication. We may have some rough idea based on previous experiences, whether through study or previous communication, but fundamentally we won’t be able to predict what we will say to someone else until it, the intended utterance for whatever reason, happens. We cannot predict the unpredictable. As such, students as language learners and teachers as language facilitators must become aware of the fundamental need to improvise in any given situation. A successful improvisation allows the speaker to grow and realize their potential as an English language speaker.

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