Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国における民営非学歴高等教育機関の経営行動 : 湖南省にある外国語専修学院(M校)の事例分析を中心に
Management Behavior of Private Higher Educational Organizations of Non-academic Credential Education : Focusing on a Case Study of a Specialized College (M College) in Hunan Province

夏, 芸  ,  当間, 政義

49 ( 1 )  , pp.51 - 61 , 2016-09 , 和光大学社会経済研究所
There are three types of private higher educational organizations in China: four-year universities, three-year colleges (high vocational polytechnic colleges) and non-academic credential colleges (specialized colleges & self-taught adult education test schools).Working through the case study of a specialized college (M College) in Hunan province and getting knowledge of the preceding study in China and Japan, I'd like to investigate in this essay what kind of influence the government policy and law, the market mechanism (the number of students, social needs and social economic environment, etc.) and proprietor's executive ability (management judgment and the funding ability) have, to the management behavior of the specialized college in four development stages of private higher educational organizations.Management of Chinese non-academic credential education is independent management mainly, but it is also subject to restrictions and participation of the government. It is expected to reorganize by the government to restrict the new set-up of private higher educational organizations in three or five years later. It is urgent to think about the measurements which can make the specialized college develop continuously and the management strategy & management behavior which can make the specialized college survive under such situation.

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