Departmental Bulletin Paper 「非常時」・「準戦時」・「戦時」 : 1930年代日本の位相
"National Emergency,""Semi-War Time," and "War Time" : Phases of Japan in 1930's

上野, 隆生

In 2015 we often hear a phrase: the "road to war," which reminds the very road to Asia-Pacific war in 1930's. The phrase also makes us eery feeling of déjà vu.This article traces the transformation of the climate of Japan in 1930's by exploring such vague buzzwords as "national emergency," "semi-war time," "war time," and so on. After the Manchurian Incident in 1931 and the May 15 Incident in 1932, "national emergency" became a hype in Japan. From that moment on, many Japanese, consciously or unconsciously, came to acknowledge that Japan was placed on an emergency footing.Cloaked in the garb of "national emergency" as well as other vague nationalistic rhetoric, the crisis atmosphere expanded the bailiwick of the military and the military build-up, which proved instrumental in forming a "garrison state." The transformed climate finally induced Japan to slide into war.

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