Departmental Bulletin Paper Psychological Process of Mothers in Caring of Children with Intellectual Disabilities : Analysis of Mothers' Daily Logs

TSUJI, Ayumi  ,  TAKAYAMA, Yoshiko

In the early treatment for mothers in caring of children with intellectual disabilities, the program should support mothers in such a way as to affirm their lives and stimulate their inner transitions. However, how to encourage inner transitions has yet to be analyzed in relation with supporting programs. This study analyzed the daily logs of three mothers who have used the service of "Three months mother-child short-stay program" provided by residential facilities for children with intellectual disabilities, to explore the process of mothers' understandings of their children in cognitive level and to study the changes in their feelings and emotions as caregivers. Through this program, these mothers began to direct their attentions to their children, to accept their children as they are, and to connect their knowledge with each circumstance of their children thereby becoming capable of inferring the next steps in their development and education. In addition, mothers gradually place more expectations to their children's futures by reflecting upon past experiences, reviewing their relationships with children, and reinforcing empathy and responsibilities to their children. The result of this study indicates that mothers in caring the children with intellectual disabilities experienced inner transition while constantly facing conflicting feelings.

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