Departmental Bulletin Paper 異界の島への航海神話としての『御曹司島渡』
The Voyage of Yoshitsune to the Island of Yezo (On-zoshi shima Watari) : A Japanese Odyssey?

松村, 一男

Myths about unknown islands always fascinated island people. The most famous example is the Odyssey. The Odyssey was introduced to Japan in the middle of the sixteenth century by the Jesuits and gave birth to a story named the Nobleman Yuriwaka. Probably influenced by this story, another voyage story, the Voyage of Yoshitsune to the Island of Yezo, was created. The hero of the story is Minamoto no Yoshitsune. His tragic, untimely death made Yoshitsune one of the most popular legendary figures in Japanese history. Many stories have been created about him and this story is one of them. In this paper, the story will be explained and then a comparison with other voyage stories will be given.

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