Departmental Bulletin Paper A Guide to Teaching Discussion and Debate Activities with Japanese Students.

Simon Robinson  ,  さいもん ろびんそん  ,  サイモン ロビンソン  ,  沖縄キリスト教学院大学人文学部英語コミュニケーション学科非常勤講師

(14)  , pp.79 - 90 , 2017-10-16 , 沖縄キリスト教学院大学 , Okinawa Christian University
Teaching Discussion and Debate in Japanese universities can be difficult because students will often run out of things to say or fail to get emotionally involved with the material. However, over the last ten years of teaching debate I have honed a method that I feel is successful in getting the students engaged in lively debate. In this paper I give a detailed guide to this methodology, providing a rationale for each classroom activity and giving examples of student interactions, of my blackboard layouts, and of student feedback. I hope this paper will help other teachers to make debate a successful classroom activity that both teachers and students look forward to.

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