Departmental Bulletin Paper シャドーイング訓練時に生じる学習者の意識について ―効果的な指導に向けて―
A Study on Students’ Consciousness during Shadowing Practice

城間, 仙子  ,  しろま, せんこ  ,  Shiroma, Senko  ,  沖縄キリスト教短期大学総合教育系准教授・通訳教育

(45)  , pp.55 - 62 , 2017-01-31 , 沖縄キリスト教短期大学 , Okinawa Christian Junior College
Shadowing has been adopted as a method of training in language learning, not just in English language learning, but also in that of other languages. The method is basically seen in trainings for improvement of listening abilities. In classes that employ shadowing for such purpose, teachers try various expressions to describe what level of speed, readability or difficulty the student should choose. With mixed level of language ability in a class, students often need to train by themselves. It will be beneficial therefore, to develop appropriate guideline for each learner so that he/she can select an optimal level to maximize the effectiveness of the shadowing training. As a first step, the author looked at the correlation between the speeds that learners think are appropriate for training and their actual performance. Hopefully this will contribute to future development of concrete guidelines to help shadowing trainees to the fullest extent.

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