Departmental Bulletin Paper The efficacy of written corrective feedback - a case study examining two groups of students in successive years
フィードバックの効果 : 二つの学生グループのケーススタディ

Bradley, Michael  ,  ブラッドリー, マイケル  ,  英語科助教・応用言語学

(44)  , pp.101 - 119 , 2016-02-15 , 沖縄キリスト教短期大学 , Okinawa Christian Junior College
This paper looks at how students in a 2015 online writing class, responded to written corrective feedback. It compares their writing near the beginning of the 15 week course, with their writing towards the end. It found that overall there was no marked decrease in the number of mistakes they made. However, when it came to correcting those pieces of grammar with a transparent form/function relationship, students did produce fewer mistakes at the end of the course. These results were compared to another class who took the course the previous year. The written corrective feedback in 2015 focused exclusively on grammar and vocabulary, while the 2014 feedback focused on how well the students got their point across. On the face of it, the 2014 students’ grammatical accuracy improved more than that of the 2015 class.

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