Departmental Bulletin Paper 青年期の朗読教育
The Reading Education in Adolescence

上原, 明子  ,  うえはら, あきこ  ,  Uehara, Akiko  ,  総合教育系・教授・日本語学、日本語教育、朗読教育

(44)  , pp.49 - 62 , 2016-02-15 , 沖縄キリスト教短期大学 , Okinawa Christian Junior College
In Uehara 2001, the author discussed significance and theoretical background of reading education, practical issues and challenges. The author also proposed a reading education that fuses the art and science. Since then the author has explored such education while conducting basic research and practical education of “Reading to Freedom” as a systematic language education. Now the author would like to report a thought on education and make it as a starting point of a new research and education. This article discusses reading education in adolescence from the perspective of education of words as a place of art training.

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