Departmental Bulletin Paper 高等専門学校の英語授業における英会話指導実践例(一) : 実践的英会話能力の養成を目指した二つの試み
Some methods of enhancing students’ speaking skills in English classes at NIT, Nagano College : Aiming at improving the students’ practical skills in English communication

山﨑, 健一

There have been a lot of discussions about how to improve the students’ English communication skills in Japan. This paper is a report based on results of some new trial practices conducted in English classes and on a questionnaire survey made after the classes. Two methods were adopted for the 4th year students. One was 2-minute speaking, and the other was Talk Show. Both practices were carried out as pair works. According to the results of the questionnaire survey, the students were motivated by, and satisfied with the two practices. On the other hand, these trial activities failed to attract half of the students’ interest in English conversation. These ways of practice seem highly effective, however, there are some points to be improved.

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