Departmental Bulletin Paper 釈論大江千里集(一)
An Investigation and interpretation of ‘Oeno Chisato-shu’

小池, 博明  ,  半澤, 幹一

This paper is an introduction to investigation and interpretation (釈論) of ‘Oeno Chisato-shu’ (大江千里集). This work is an anthology of or waka (和歌=ancient Japanese poems) by Oeno himself.                       In the work, which was edited in accordance with a command of Japan's Emperor Uda in 894, and is usually called kudai-waka (句題和歌), each poem was given a one phrase poetic title in kanshi (漢詩=ancient Chinese poem) selected by Oeno. And so, Oeno's own poetry has been considered a mere literal translation of the Chinese.The authors of this paper think that such a way viewing this work shoud be reconsidered because the mutual relations between expressions in both waka and kanshi have various patterns.The central purpose of our investigation is to concretely explicate the actual condition of all these patterns.This paper makes clear the investigation method which attaches great importance to expression technique, reviews preceding studies and interpretates waka No. 72, the most famous in this anthology.

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