Departmental Bulletin Paper 交通拠点を中心とした移動圏域における集客力の評価分析
Evaluation Analysis of Attracting Power in Movement Area around Traffic base

柳澤, 吉保  ,  亘, 陽平  ,  中澤, 翼  ,  轟, 直希  ,  高山, 純一

In this study, there are many local cities that promote the transition to urban structure aiming at compactification centering on traffic bases such as stations as centralization of cities as measures to cope with the declining birthrate, aging population and population decrease in the future. In the city structure in Nagano-shi, the policy to make it compact, centering on transportation stations such as stations is shown. In implementing compact measures of urban areas such as site location optimization, it is necessary to clarify the distribution situation of urban function facilities and the moving forces area of visitors centering on the station, centering on the station as the base. Therefore, it aims to evaluate the setting of the base area considering the distribution of urban functions centered on the railway station in Nagano city and the migration behavior of visitors.

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