Departmental Bulletin Paper 再生骨材RC40を用いたポーラスコンクリート作製における土試料混入の影響

丸山, 健太郎  ,  遠藤, 典男  ,  塩原, 祐希

Currently, waste concrete have been crushed, and adjusted particle size to 40(mm) or less degree (in general these are called RC40), and these are applied roadbed material. But, demand for RC40 is low, because road construction is decreasing. Therefore, we propose to use RC40 to porous concrete (as following PoC). RC40 are mixed soil. When producing PoC, which required strength are small, applied RC40, it is problem that fluid degree decrease on mortar which are affected by quantity of mixed soil. In this research, changing ratio of soil to mix with RC40, applying there RC40 to produce PoC, consideration of strength of mortar and PoC for various mixing ratio of soil.

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