Departmental Bulletin Paper 柿本人麻呂留京三首 : 伊勢と留京を中心に
Concerning "Ryūkyōsan'syu" maid by Kakinomotonohitomaro in Man'yōsyū : About "Ise" District and "The Mikado Zitō's Official Trip"

曾田, 友紀子

The Reason hasn't been considered why Kakinomotonohitomaro didn't go with Mikado Zito's official trip to Ise district in 696. This paper resolves the question. The Mikado Zitō's visit is concerned with her scheme that Ise district is a very special area for the Ten'mu and Zitō dynasty. So she made Hitomaro to stay the capital and ordered him to write a poet for court officers who didn't accompany The Mikado Zitō.

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