Departmental Bulletin Paper 開封の歴史と猶太人(ユダヤ人)
The history Kaifengfu and Jew people

久保田, 和男

This paper described the history of Kaifengfu and Jew people. North Sung(北宋) age,Jews arrived at China from the west and lived at Kaifengfu(開封府). Up to now for about about 1000 years, they keep living in eastern area of this city. They were the city people who made the commerce a bread-and-butter job. In Ming era(明代), Kaifengfu prospered as a local city in particular. A Jewish community also prospered during the time. In 1644, a deluge of the Yellow River has destroyed their was possible to make it revive by the power of the community. Economy of Kaifengfu was depression in the modern times(afrer 1842). Jewish community also declined at the same time, and religious consciousness was being also lost.

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