Departmental Bulletin Paper 人工イクラからの物質の透過挙動 : 小さい分子だけではなく大きな分子も透過するのか
Permeation Behavior of Substances from Artificial Salmon Roe

板屋, 智之  ,  三井, 孔佑

Permeation behavior of substances such as pyrene derivatives, poly(sodium p-styrenesulfonate) and albumin from artificial salmon roe was examined. The macromolecules (poly(sodium p-styrenesulfonate), albumin) as well as the small molecules (pyrene derivatives) permeated from the outside to the inside of artificial salmon roe in water, although it took longer hours for the macromolecules to permeate. In addition, it wad found that the permeation can be controlled by using galatin.

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