Departmental Bulletin Paper 鉄筋コンクリート柱の部材軸直角方向に圧縮力を作用させることによる補強効果の研究
Study of failure properties of RC column reinforced with steel bar which acting by tensile stress

丸山, 健太郎  ,  遠藤, 典男  ,  山口, 広暉

In this study, in order to not expand crack and tensile principal strain, proposing to reinforcement for RC column, and verifying effect reinforcement. Reinforcing system is, at first, threaded steel bar was inserted to a hole, which has been opened at RC column. Next, steel bar was acting tensile force by tightening a nut, as a result, producing compressive force in horizontal direction to RC column.As the results of compression test for RC columns, when compressive forces had been acting on RC-column cross-section on 2-direction (in a case of acting torque of 160[N・m] at reinforcing bolt-nut), load capacity did not increased. However, it was found that controlling of not expanding crack and not increasing of tensile strain.

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