Departmental Bulletin Paper 駅利用者の手段別アクセスおよびイグレス距離を考慮した集客アクセシビリティの算定
Analysis of Accessibility to Attract Customers in Consideration of the Access and Egress Distance by Means of Transportation Intended for the Station Users

柳澤, 吉保  ,  風間, 悠吾  ,  轟, 直希  ,  成沢, 紀由  ,  長峯, 史弥  ,  高山, 純一

This study aimed to examine the appropriate stations sphere of influence range of intensive urban structure. Specifically, the stations of Kita-Shinano line (formerly JR Chuo line) to as a case study,(1) Clarify the transportation hub sphere of influence based on the different access egress distance by means of transportation.(2) Calculate the transportation hub to attract customers accessibility in consideration of the resident population and public and commercial facilities distribution in the sphere of influence.

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