Departmental Bulletin Paper 心因性嘔吐に対して有効な心理的アプローチの検討 ―改善した事例の分析から―
Study of Effective Psychological Approach to Psychogenic Vomiting : Analyzing Cases Showing Symptom Reduction

土居, 正城  ,  齊藤, 勇紀

Psychogenic vomiting is treated using many practices based on various psychological approaches. However, few studies have investigated which of these practices are effective. Therefore, we examined the type and frequency of psychotherapies applied in cases that exhibited symptom reduction when such therapies were employed. In July 2014, we scrutinized relevant literature and extracted 27 cases that mentioned an episode of psychotherapy care for treating psychogenic vomiting. Furthermore, we examined the frequency of psychotherapies applied in these cases. The results showed that applied behavior analysis was more frequently employed than other psychotherapies. In those cases, operant methods based on applied behavior analysis were frequently employed. From the abovementioned results, as the first step, we may be able to consider applying the operant methods to the treatment of psychogenic vomiting. Our future studies would involve investigating examples of foreign countries and conducting practice studies based on evidences.

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