Departmental Bulletin Paper リンゴポリフェノールであるプロシアニジンのラット小腸SGLT依存性グルコース吸収に対する抑制効果 ―膜電位測定による生理学的検討―
Inhibitory effect of procyanidin (apple polyphenol) on SGLT-induced glucose absorption using electrophysiological technique in rat small intestine

熊谷, 早苗  ,  川俣, 幸一

There is a great deal of food functional research on glucose absorption (e.g. alpha-glucosidase inhibitor) in the alimentary canal using polyphenol, but few studies focus on glucose transport by SGLT (sodium-dependent glucose transporter) and GLUT (glucose transporter). In this study, we measured the membrane potential difference (PD) in the everted upper ileum (middle of the intestine) of a seven-weeks-old male rat to observe the effect of procyanidin B1, a type of apple polyphenol, on SGLT-type1. In control studies, we discovered that the more concentrated the glucose became when administered to the rat's ileum, the more positive the electrogenic property showed. We also found out that phlorizin significantly inhibited that reaction, which indicated that a positive electrogenic property occurred due to SGLT-type1. Procyanidin B1 was added to the same experiment and a positive electrogenic property wasslightly suppressed In conclusion, the inhibition by procyanidin B1 was not strong but our data suggested that SGLT-type1 induced glucose absorption may be inhibited by procyanidin B1.

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