Departmental Bulletin Paper 【研究ノート】難民問題における統合概念の検討
【Research note】The Concept of Integration on Refugee Issues in Japan

荻野, 剛史

The object of this research is to clarify the definition of the concept of integration, which is used to express the relationship between Japanese and foreigners in recent years, especially in terms of refugee issues in Japan. For this reason, I examined the definition and contents of the concept of integration used in discussions on some Japanese refugee issues. On that basis, I raised a challenge about how this concept is used, through comparison with the definition of this concept overseas,and comparison with the situations in which refugees staying in Japan are placed. Based on the above discussion, in this research, “integration” is defined as “after refugees staying in Japan have obtained the similar rights and duties as the surrounding people in the society in which they are active in daily life, and have acquired tangible and intangible elements which are essential in the life in Japan, a state in which they can live while interacting with the surrounding people, and the process of such a life.”

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