Departmental Bulletin Paper アニメ聖地巡礼と地域性―「地域振興」の視点を超えて
Pilgrimage to Animation Settings and Its Effect:Beyond Economic Impact

荒又, 美陽  ,  足立, 大育  ,  加納, 怜育  ,  菊川, 理気  ,  坂本, 和大  ,  渋谷, 京佑  ,  田嶋, 玲  ,  萩原, 周太郎  ,  菱沼, 航

In recent years, seichi-junrei( pilgrimage to animation settings) has become a popular topic of study. Existing researches have mainly focused on the reaction of targeted areas, understanding seichi-junrei as a kind of tourism, and describing the events or souvenirs that are prepared for guests. Few works, however, have studied how the animations in question have affected the areas’ image. This paper uses a methodology of literary studies to analyze nine animations and discuss their effect on the areas in which they are set and how they have led to pilgrimage. Although more systematic research is necessary, our work makes the followingconclusions: 1 ) the pilgrimages tend to be held so that fans can have the same experiences as animations’ characters. Fans like to visit the everyday places in animations, including schools and small restaurants. One symbolic place is enough to spark a pilgrimage. 2 )Animations need to accurately reproduce these places, since photos taken by pilgrims must correspond with animation scenes. 3 ) Pilgrimages can bring about relationships between residents and anime fans, but this relationship is not necessarily a motivation for pilgrims. 4 ) Recent anime works tend to portray the idealized human relations, which do not oftenexist in reality. However, many fans may expect those ideals when relating to residents. 5 )It is possible that animation works and any resulting pilgrimage can change the image of regions of anime settings, which can obscure regions’ actual history.

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