Departmental Bulletin Paper 山村地域における触法/ 精神障害者の地域生活支援の可能性と課題―あるNPO法人の取り組みから―
Possibility and Problem of Community Living Support of Mental Patients and Mentally Disordered Offenders in Mountain Village Area ―About Activity of a Nonprofit Organization―

井沢(金), 泰樹(泰泳)

 Recently in Japan, the “transition from hospital to community” for living as a mentallydisabled person is being promoted as a system. This paper is a qualitative research of NPOsthat comprehensively supports the “deinstitutionalization” into social life for such mentallydisabled persons, as well as the social life of those with severe mental disabilities, includingmentally disordered offenders. In particular, this was an interview survey of male NPO staffthat manifests the process of how users (mentally disabled persons), staff, and localresidents interact to overcome and transform difficulties. Moreover, it clarifies the processesthat make up the community and are part of its components as NPOs work through conflictand dialog with local residents as they conduct “tests for changing the entire area whileliving together as a community.”

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