Departmental Bulletin Paper 未就学児童の前転動作に対する運動プログラムの影響
The effect of the exercise program for the preschool children with making a forward roll movement

角南, 俊介

14pp.19 - 23 , 2017-06-04 , 東洋大学スポーツ健康科学委員会
The aim of this study was to evaluated a development pattern of the making a forward roll movement beforeand after the introduction of the exercise program for preschool children. 476 preschool children wareparticipated in this study. The motion data of a forward roll movement were taken by the digital video camerabefore and after the exercise program introduction.As a result of data analysis, the significant increase of evaluation score was recognized between beforeand after introducing exercise program (p<0.01). Also significant increase in the total movement evaluationscore in the category that making trunk movement curved was seen (p<0.01).

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