Departmental Bulletin Paper フィリピンのセブ島における語学研修の一考察 -- 高校生が事前学習にICTを使って
A Report on an Intensive Language Course in Cebu, the Philippines: High School Students Using ICT to Prepare

室井, 美稚子  ,  室井, 明

Efficient programs for short-term English Language training programs are needed in our society for not only students but adults to gain speaking competence. Recently, language institutes in Cebu Island in the Philippines provide much more practical training programs, compared to the conventional institutes in native speakers’ countries. There are several reasons: 1) high quality of teachers’ English ability, 2) the inexpensive cost, 3) one-on-one style of teaching and customizing programs, 4) teachers’ experience of being active learners of the target language, 5) relatively safe area, 6) attractive tourism spots and facilities. The following data was taken to investigate how much the participants’ English skills improved. In Mach 2016, 21 senior high school students in Nagano Prefecture stayed in a language institute in Cebu Island for two weeks. Before going there, they had also taken an online English conversation preparation course using ICT. The data shows how much their English skills improved by what type of learning. Their TOEIC scores indicate that listening and total integrated skills progressed but that there was no significant change in their reading skill. Besides English, weekend activities gave them some opportunities to think about the children’s situation of the Philippines and the differences from their own circumstances.

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