Departmental Bulletin Paper 英文法理解と英語習得レベル指標CEFR -- 二極化する日本人の英語 ①
Understanding of English Grammar and CEFR: Bipolarization of Japanese English Proficiency ①

田村, 亮子

Levels of Japanese learners’ proficiency in English have been divided into two extremes. Proficiency level of the one extream is B1 or higher on the CEFR scale, while that of the other is A2 or lower. What is needed for English learners to attain B levels is intensive and extensive reading training on the basis of an integrated understanding of English Grammar. The number of those who do not have enough opportunities for this training is increasing, however. This is the first of my papers in which I examine the reasons which underlie this bipolarization, the problems it has been causing in the fields of English education, society, culture, and politics, and suggest ways to solve those problems.

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