Departmental Bulletin Paper 清泉女学院大学におけるキャリア教育の実践に関する一考察
A Study of the Implementation of Career Education at the Seisen Jogakuin College

小泉, 真理  ,  川北, 泰伸

This article discusses the development of career education at Seisen Jogakuin College and evaluates the effect of its implementation. Career education has been discussed by Japanese academics since the 1990s as the government has emphasized career education of the youth. The increasing number of young adults who change jobs frequently (e.g. job hoppers) or stop working altogether has become a social problem. As result, the government as well as educational institutions have undertaken a number of initiates concerning the implementation of career education in formal curriculum. The Seisen Jogakuin College introduced a career class in 2005 and has been modifying it in a search of a systematic approach. In 2014, a new curriculum for career education started in order to promote career development among students. As a core subject, the “Career Development” class has been offered every year, forming four-steps of learning. This article examines the idea of designing career education, and its practices and effects during the past two years, focusing on Career Development II and III. The results of questionnaire data show a slight increase of career consciousness among students and the increase of anxiety as well. This indicates a need for further modification of the career educational curriculum, and the importance of a class design, which encourages students to take the classes in a step by step manner for four years.

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