Departmental Bulletin Paper MERRIER ApproachのRedundancyの実践法

和田, 順一

This paper describes how to incorporate “Redundancy”, one aspect of the MERRIER Approach, into classroom practice. The MERRIER Approach suggests seven viewpoints teachers should pay attention to when using English in ESL classes. “Redundancy”, as defined in the MERRIER Approach, is to paraphrase sentences from a different point of view. This is essential knowledge for teachers because English education in Japan is changing these days. According to the course of study (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), teachers in senior high school should conduct their lessons in English to guarantee students receive an adequate amount of English input. This tendency is not only encouraged at the senior high school level but will be also encouraged in junior high schools toward 2020. To help students understand English classes in English, teachers need to explain English texts by employing “Redundancy.” This paper shows context-level paraphrasing (space order, time order and process, listing, cause and effect, illustration, analysis, comparison and contrast, and opinion and reason). This will enable students to understand English in English better.

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