Departmental Bulletin Paper インカルチュレーションの中核的メッセージ--世界に開かれた姿勢

古橋, 昌尚

This paper explores the central message of inculturation, one of the church’s urgent issues, by contexualizing inculturation itself within ecclesiology, history, and the world. Mapping inculturation within ecclesiology sheds light on the church’s worldview, that is, its relationship to the world and can be discussed from seven points of view: (1) biblical and theological groundings, (2) the direction of the church, (3) the church’s open attitude toward the world, (4) openness to the diversity and change in the world, (5) the location of inculturation in history, (6) the values which support inculturation, and (7) the church’s task and attitude. This examination will clarify why the church needs inculturation in the present historical situation.

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